Naming Opportunities

Outdoor Bench

Beautiful teak wood benches are located around The Adler Center property. Many are located in private sitting areas along the paths, some are located in the labyrinth area, others on top of the green roof, and in the fountain plaza at the main entrance, as well.


Framed fine art pieces adorn the interior spaces of the Adler Center. They were selected for Capital Caring’s Arts in Healthcare program. This example is a pair of Giclees on canvas with enhanced embellishment framed in Larson-Juhl wood with beveled linen liner and mounted on masonite.

Dining Table and Chairs Set

Dining table and chair sets are located in several locations around the Adler Center grounds, including the main entrance fountain area, under the arbor on the reen roof and on the rooftop above the entrance area.

Outdoor Fountain

The Sonoma fountains at the Adler Center are located in two locations of the facility. They bring peace, tranquility and a sense of calm to all who pass by.

Patient Room

Each patient room in the Adler Center is private and allows family and friends to enjoy time with their loved one in a warm, comfortable and peaceful setting.

Naming Opportunities

We recognize the significance behind the decision to name a place in honor of or in memory of an individual patient, a caretaker, or a family. We hold this in the highest regard. Therefore, we are pleased to offer a variety of naming opportunities.

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