Diagenode is a leading developer and marketer of innovative life-science kits, reagents and integrated systems for epigenetics, genomics and diagnostics. Founded in 2003 in Liège (Belgium), Diagenode is a global company, with headquarters in Liège, Belgium and a subsidiary company in Denville, NJ, USA. Diagenode has a local sales office in UK, France, Germany and a current headcount of 90 people. Diagenode’s customers and partners include leading epigenetics researchers, academic institutions, high-profile genome centers and core labs, life sciences tools companies, molecular diagnostics players, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our products provide researchers with the best quality and performance and allow scientists to produce consistent, cost-effective and robust results in their research. Diagenode’s products include sonication instruments (Bioruptor®, Megaruptor®), automated systems (IP-Star®), kits for chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and DNA methylation analysis, and high quality ChIP and ChIP-seq grade antibodies.