Rebeca Ponce

My name is Rebeca Ponce Landete, I was born in Albacete, a city of Spain. My first experience of science was when I was young as my parents bought me the TV-series, which original name is “Il était une fois…la Vie”. This TV-series described how our body works .It was exactly at that time, watching this series when I realized how interesting it was for me to understand basic body elements such as cells, how they work and affect our body, awaking my scientific curiosity.
About my professional career, I carried out my high school studies in Albacete and at the same time I also completed my professional studies in classical dance at the professional conservatory of Albacete. Then I moved to Madrid (Spain) to get my Bachelor´s Degree in Biology at University Complutense of Madrid, developing my Bachelor Thesis in a biopharmaceutical enterprise called Allinky Biopharma. Afterwards, I got my Master´s Degree in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine at University Autonomous of Barcelona (Spain), developing my Master Thesis in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at this university in the group led by Dr. José Ramón Bayascas. My next step was moving to London (UK) to work in the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), in the Molecular Addictions team, led by Dr.Igor Vivanco. Thereafter, I was determined to start a PhD, when I got the chance to start it within Geneviève Almouzni´s group, taking part in the EpiSyStem network. I chose EpiSyStem due to the fact that is a unique network with large opportunities in terms of great discoveries and it will contribute to my future as a researcher, furthermore it combines industry with academic, by far the best opportunity that I have ever had to learn about the scientific world. As I said at the beginning, I love classical dance and I have spent half my life studying this. In my opinion classical dance and science have many aspects in common, both are demanding disciplines, but rewarding in the end, also both contribute to helping you grow as a person and achieve your goals.
Music I listen: Movie soundtracks, spanish groups and international singers
Books I read: Different kinds of books, Thrillers (such as Dan Brown)
How do I spend my spare time? Cinema, I really love going to the premiere of films!
Why am I in science? Fascinated with science facts. Science = matter of learning about life
How do I start my day? By turning on the news and having a fresh orange juice
My home page in my browser? Google, Pubmed, Nature