Priya Maddhesiya

I am Priya Maddhesiya originally hails from a small town in the northern region of India. Since the inception of my schooling, I have always been fascinated by science fiction books, movies, and gadgets. Being an inquisitive girl, I enamored with biology during my high-school days. My Scientific temper which requires personal ambition to become the best in the chosen field, tenacity to work hard had been fostered by the teachers and mentors. For as long as I can remember, I have always been driven by some ingrained appetite to learn, inculcate knowledge and proliferate it. Subsequently, I could discern that mere acquisition of information and facts were not satiating me. However, with the course of time, my vantage point and interpretations have been changed. It is merely not confined to a particular person or nation but vital to enrich humanity and decipher the issues critical to us. Hence, to leave an indelible mark by creating a revolution in Science is my greatest ambition in life. It was therefore, I decided to become a scientist.
After completing my bachelor in zoology at the Banaras Hindu University. I, thereafter, decided to pursue master in Animal biology and biotechnology at the University of Hyderabad. During my M.Sc, I got an opportunity to explore my potential in research at the National Brain Research Centre via IASc-INSA-NASI Summer Research Fellowship Programme deciphering the epigenetic analysis of divergent long non-coding RNAs in multilineage differentiation of human Neural Progenitor Cells. Latterly, I joined as a project assistant there and acquire a chance to see the sights in both molecular and bioinformatics (NGS) works.
I found EpiSyStem network provides a broad platform to understand epigenetic, nuclear dynamics and system biology of stem cells and reprogramming, covering the domain I am eagerly interested in. Now, this chosen network help me to get optimum scientific substratum to grow as a biologist and finally, establish myself as an independent researcher through leveraging my past and contemporary work experiences.
Music I listen: Pop, Jazz, and Bollywood
Books I read: Non-fiction and autobiographies
How do I spend my spare time? Sports (badminton and table tennis), poetry, dancing
Why am I in science? In the quest of self-realization
How do I start my day? Music and Coffee
My home page in my browser? Google and PubMed