Pinar Akkor

After reading the book “They came from DNA” at age 6, all I wanted to do was to study human genetics like the alien in the book. Later in life, as I gained experience in molecular biology, from viticulture to cardiovascular sciences, I decided to work on human epi-genetics instead!
I am a PhD candidate working at Diagenode in collaboration with the VermeulenLab on CHIP-seq and mass spectrometry methodology. In the future, I aim to focus on epigenetic changes in neglected chronic disorders and therefore, the biggest payout of being a part of such a network, where industry and academia meet, is to gain expansive knowledge while producing tangible solutions for the community.
Music I listen: Anything I can dance to!
Books I read: Science of the Sickest, Parsnips Buttered, Hall of Small Mammals
How do I spend my spare time? Dancing, writing, hanging out with friends
Why am I in science? To ask and answer the necessary questions
How do I start my day? Breakfast + watching animations