Patrick Lim

My childhood was spent in a small town in the south of England. As my mother was from Hong Kong and my father from Malaysia, I had an unusual upbringing and longed to understand myself and the people around me. I suppose I have since satisfied these early curiosities in a different way, having just completed an undergraduate degree in Molecular Genetics at the University of Edinburgh—which offered me an opportunity to understand ‘life’ through the lens of a biologist.
I am in the Episystem Network because I believe a focus on diversity of thought and discipline is necessary for scientific advance in the 21st century. I’d like to cultivate these characteristics in my own scientific path and collaborate with others that share a similar perspective. My future ambition is to study neurological disorders and their genetic (or epigenetic) underpinnings.
Music I listen: Electronic, folk, hip-hop/jazz
Books I read: Biographies or memoirs of people I admire
How do I spend my spare time? Singing and playing the guitar, going to the gym
Why am I in science? Trying to find answers instead of just asking questions
How do I start my day? With a strong cup of English breakfast tea
My home page in my browser?  Google Chrome Extension called ‘Momentum’