Juliane Viegas

I am Biologist from Brazil, I hold a Master’s degree in Molecular and Cell Biology from University of Aveiro, Portugal. During my masters I studied about the cytotoxicity of graphene oxide nanoparticle in lung cells. I also participated in the Erasmus mobility program at University of Novi Sad, Serbia (2016) and at the Centre for Cell Engineering, University of Glasgow, UK (2017).
I have always showed interest in the molecular biology field and I am currently a PhD student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Under Prof. Meshorer supervision, my PhD project is involved to understand the molecular mechanisms of embryonic stem cell maintenance and differentiation taking into account the post-transcriptional cytoplasmic regulatory pathways.Be part of this network enables me to continue doing what I love to do, science! One of my greatest aspiration is to be a mature researcher in the genetic field and be able to transfer the acquired knowledge to everyone I can reach. I am a challenge taker and lately I am also interested in communicating science in my native language, Portuguese.
Music I listen: Old school: Stevie Wonder, Michel Buble, Vocal Livre and MPB
Books I read: Fiction books with some reality into them! (is this funny way to say it?)
How do I spend my spare time? Hiking, cook/eating, travel around the world
Why am I in science? Looking for answers and for clearer understanding
How do I start my day? Meditation and one or two glasses of water!
My home page in my browser? Google