Joe Verity-Legg

Completed an interdisciplinary Masters degree in Natural Sciences at Nottingham University, UK, in 2016, researching the bioinorganic synthesis of hydrogenase analogues for H2 production in my final year. I then spent periods researching the chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides with ATDBio (Oxford, UK) and as a Research Assistant at the Oxford Genomics Centre, University of Oxford, UK. I’m looking forward to joining a collaborative, multinational network seeking to further understand fundamental qualities of life within the nucleic acid space whilst maintaining translational perspective.
Music I listen: Anything from Indian Sitar to derivative Grime
Books I read: Pullman, Marquez, Huxley, Mishima
How do I spend my spare time? Ideally in the mountains, if not then in the pub
Why am I in science? To explore, discover and share both ideas and knowledge
How do I start my day? Food is the prerequisite to activity
My home page in my browser? Ecosia