Helena Vinas

My name is Helena Viñas Gaza. I am from a small village in the south of Catalonia, so small that more or less everyone is friends on Facebook. I studied Biomedical Sciences in Barcelona, and in my last year I did an Erasmus Exchange in Scotland. After graduation, I moved to Stockholm for an internship at Karolinska Institutet. Since I enjoyed it so much, I decided to apply for the Master’s in Biomedicine at the same institution. I completed my master thesis at Boston Children’s Hospital where I was able to see how science works on the other side of the ocean.
Before starting my Ph.D., I wanted to take some time off and I decided to travel around South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and the north of Thailand. Currently I am in the group of Alexander van Oudenaarden at The Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht. I am also in the EpySyStem Network. I think this program is the best fit for me because it combines cutting-edge science, brilliant scientists and the opportunity to get to know and work with different people around the globe. When I was five I wanted to be a dressmaker without borders because I assumed that unprivileged kids also needed clothes, amongst other things. Today I am not into fashion anymore but I would like the EpySyStem program to encourage girls from different backgrounds to pursue scientific studies and ensure they have the same opportunities during their careers. I will take advantage of my time in the network to gain a broad knowledge in epigenetics to try to make my contribution to medical research and to social progress in the scientific work environment.
Music I listen: Txarango, Of Monsters and Man, Mumford and Sons…
Books I read: Angel’s Game, Cementery of Forgotten, mystery and historical books
How do I spend my spare time?  Netflix, cinema, travel to places around the world
Why am I in science? It makes you stay always abreast of new discoveries
How do I start my day? Checking phone, cup of coffee, watching news with breakfast
My home page in my browser? Gmail, Netflix, Pubmed, Google, BioRxiv, Youtube