Adrianos Skaros

Having completed a MSc in Applied Biomolecular Technology at The University of Nottingham, with a background in Biotechnology, I decided that a PhD in epigenetics was best suited for me. The EpiSyStem Network is the best PhD Network one could be part of, as all parties involved are of the highest standards, whilst having a preset network, in my opinion, is vital in this line of work. The ambitious projects in coordination with the best researchers in the game makes the challenge an enjoyable one, but also very rewarding in all aspects.
Music I listen: Rock, Metal, Soul and Funk but if I had to choose one genre only: Blues
Books I read: Non-fiction mostly, but also science-fiction and philosophical novels
How do I spend my spare time? Football, gym, music, playing guitar, films and TV
Why am I in science? Because of the “?” it can “=” and application of those answers
How do I start my day? Coffee, news and music in the background 
My home page in my browser? Bing (I like the pictures)