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Capital Caring Health and Chapters Health System Announce Groundbreaking Affiliation

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Caring for Veterans and Children


Providing Robotic Companion Pets to Veterans with Dementia and Birds to Children with Terminal Illness

Two Weeks is Too Short, and Tragic!

Four reasons why best hospice benefits come from longer care

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Hospice Care

Available for 6 months or more

Advanced Illness Care

Also known as Palliative Care

Primary Care at Home

For those chronically ill and home bound

Advanced Cardiac Care

Avoid the hospital with our in-home care for heart failure

Veteran Health & Support Services

Children's Hospice & Palliative Care

Thrift Store


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Capital Caring Health remains committed to ensuring equitable Advanced Illness Care for all regardless of race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation

Volunteer with Us

Capital Caring Health would truthfully not exist without our volunteers. In 1977, this organization was founded by a group of dedicated volunteers, deeply committed to making a profound impact in our community.


"The decision to begin hospice, for my father, was one of the most difficult decisions in our lives. After solemn contemplation, my mother and I engaged Capital Caring to care for my father in his final days. Engaging Capital Health was one of the best decisions we ever made."
- Grateful Family Member

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